Monday, June 18, 2007

Worship me for the rock star that I am!

Look at what was waiting for me in the mail when I returned from Reunion:

Hoo-boy! I'm one of America's TOP physicians! I must be SMART. But let's look into this a bit ever did I qualify for this honor (I know, I know, you're all saying how would I NOT qualify, but let's explore, shall we?)?

My experience: none. I'm still in training.
My training: still ongoing.
My professional associations: I belong to 3, only 2 of which I'm actually active in.
My board certification: yep, did that, along with probably 2 or 3 thousand other people that year.

What a prestigious honor that has been bestowed on me. I hope I can live up to the expectations placed upon one of America's Top Physicians! And for only the low, low price of $229 + shipping and handling, I can purchase a personalized plaque to hang in my office, to proudly proclaim far and wide how amazing I truly, truly am.

I think this must be the medical version of the Council on Foreign Relations.

Please post all congratulatory comments, accolades, etc. belowL


grrrbear said...

This sounds suspiciously like the "Who's Who of America's High School Students" that I was in Senior year.

Which, come to think of it, I think my mom actually bought a copy. Man, us small-town folks sure are *suckers*...

towwas said...

I got something shortly before I left my former employer asking me to be in Who's Who. Truthfully, it felt kind of bad-ass, but I still threw it away. (Ok, yeah, I recycled it.)

J-Vo said...

Same scam, different time of life. The sad thing, I have seen the "America's Top Physician" plaque in the office of at least one physician. Sucker born every minute!

David J said...

If you google the name of that publication, you will find LOTS of docs who proudly proclaim their membership on their website. Laaaaa-aaame.

J-Vo said...

What is funny is that if you search for me on the Consumers' Research Council of America's list of top physicians, you won't find me. However, I'm sure that as soon as my check for $229 + shipping and handling clears, my name will be there in flashing neon lights.